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Memo for students who like bars and online casinos


When you get to university, there are a lot of new things that you experience for the first time. Like not living at home anymore. Living with friends creates some pretty cool experiences too. There's more freedom and it's a good way of meeting people who have the same interests as yourself. And of course, there is another experience that happens when you're in university. Going to the bar/club scene with your friends. This is a standard for any university student in Canada because there are bars and clubs everywhere in every city. And it's not hard to find one either if you know where to look. 

But here's the problem: Canadians pay extremely high prices for alcohol at these bars. And not just in your local bar either, this goes for every single bar/club in the whole country. The prices are outrageous - even when you're getting drinks on special or trying to get a deal.

Now that is very unfortunate news indeed, but what is even more unfortunate is that there's no way to fix it. Why? Because this is a government-controlled industry, meaning the prices are set by the government and not by the bars or any private business.

In Canada, our laws say that only the provincial governments have control over bars/clubs and their alcohol sales. And as you can probably guess, each province sets different price ranges. But no matter what price range it is, there are always people who want to go out drinking on the weekends.

And when you're in university, there are some expenses that might be hard to pay off by the end of the month. That's right, it's the typical loan-student dilemma. And most students only have enough money for books, tuition fees and maybe even a little bit extra to spend on social activities during the weekend.

The problem of buying alcohol outside the bar

Buying your alcohol from the liquor store doesn't guarantee you a good time because some people mix their drinks themselves or they can even mix dangerous things together. Also, buying alcohol from a liquor store might not save you a lot of money either. There's always the chance that someone could buy another guy a drink at the bar and end up spending more than they would have if they bought their own drinks from the store.

So, what does this all mean for students in Canada? Well, it means that they will have to find a way to pay for tuition fees, books and their drinks. It is unfortunate that the bar/club scene is so expensive, but what makes it even more unfortunate is that there's no solution in sight.

So, now you know why Canadian students spend a lot of money at bars and clubs because of high alcohol prices. And you also know that there are other alternatives that some students have to use instead of going out, but these alternatives don't solve the problem.

Now it's your turn to venture forth and find a solution to this unfortunate dilemma before Canada becomes an under-educated country with great drinking habits. Find a way for Canadian students to spend less on drinks and save money at the same time because that would solve this dilemma.

Cyber Cafes and online casinos

At first, you would think that the only way to gamble online is through "traditional" cyber cafes or restaurants with a gambling license. While these methods may be available to some of you, they are certainly not the best options for many of us students. The truth is there are numerous ways to gamble online without having to leave your house and even many of them are more effective than your local cybercafe. This is because casinos want people to gamble, and they realize that it's difficult for students (and others) to travel long distances just for a few hours of entertainment. It can also be tiring, especially given the fact that some games may require you to do extensive traveling across the virtual casino floor only to discover that the game you wanted to play simply was not available at that site.

Top-notch casinos for students

BlueNovo Casino  – This particular casino is run by Bodog, one of the leading online poker rooms. As such, they are working hard to become the best of the best in terms of online casinos, so you can expect them to constantly be putting out new promotions and tournaments. Another advantage is that they offer free signups for students with no deposit required!

Playtech Casinos  – Playtech is well known among casino players thanks to their classy promotions and good customer service. In fact, their customer service is so good that they even have a dedicated department to handle complaints from disgruntled players in different countries. You can expect the best when it comes to gaming software, graphics, sound effects, and more with Playtech online casinos

FlashCasinos  – Flash Casinos are becoming increasingly popular with players, especially students, due to the fact that they require little or no download time. They are also extremely user-friendly and offer some of the best payouts around in addition to fantastic bonuses.

All Slots  – All Slots has one of the most dependable reputations when it comes to online casinos. It is popular in the online gambling community, and for good reasons. Not only can you play them from virtually any device, but they also offer great loyalty rewards such as cash back bonuses and even free spins on some of their top slots.

Black Diamond  – This is the Canadian online casino that's not just trying to get your money fast; they actually care about their players. This is one casino that really does offer a VIP experience and has fantastic support and security features. 

There are many more casinos, both good and bad, but these five should be enough to get you started in your search for online casinos. If you need more information about some of the online gambling sites, then check out our blog for casino reviews with detailed analysis on different casinos. We are always adding new ones to help even more students achieve their financial goals.